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Sally’s Ark -Horse Lay Over Stop

Sally’s Ark -Horse Lay Over Stop

dark brown horse grazing in pasture  At Sally’s Ark we believe that we are a unique business that offers a place for all creatures, both humans and animals, to stay the night. As in Noah’s Ark, no one will be turned away.

We offer the finest care for your special animals with top-notch “Old English” traditional values.

We Offer:

 Ranch House – 2 Queen Beds
Bunk House – 2 set of Bunk Beds
Short Stay “layovers”
Long Stay “layups”
Retirement Stay for Horses
24 Hour “On Call” Certified Vet
Diesel Mechanic “On Call”
Plenty of Parking for your Truck, Trailer, or Big Rig

Physical address: 2850 Butler Road
Exit: Exit 02
City: Rowland
State: North Carolina
Zip: 28383
Phone: 910-734-734-9400
Hours of Operation: Year Round