Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Exit 20Exit 22

Electric Vehicle Charging Station – 1949 North Roberts Avenue – Exit 20 – I-95 – Nissan Dealership Electrify American Charging Station – Walmart Supercenter – 5070 Fayetteville Road, Exit 22 – I-95 Tesla Supercharger – 5093 Fayetteville Road, Exit 22 – I-95 Parking lot of Texas Steakhouse

Transportation with Mo’

Exit 31

Transportation with Mo’ Inc., is located in St. Pauls, a private entity catering to the needs of our community and surrounding areas. You can enjoy a worry-free time of travel. The vehicles are high quality, and hand selected for comfort, affordability with the safety of our clients in mind. Please visit the website for more information. Email: info@transportationwithmo.com